East Viridian

East Viridian is a 5-piece metal band. Band members include Josh Jones (vocals), Zac Byrd (guitar), Jordan Hicks (guitar), Zach Ballard (bass) and Trevor Wallace (drums).

Rites to Sedition

Rites to Sedition is a melodic metal band from Charlotte, NC. Band members include Gabriel Lucia (guitar/vocals), Jon Westmoreland (guitar/vocals), Mitch Moore (drums) and Jesse Lane (bass).

Den of Wolves

A Charlotte-born Heavy Metal Three piece. Band members include Tristen England (Bass, vocals), Khalil England (Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals) and Savien Davis (Drums).

Vices & Vessels

Vices & Vessels is a 5-piece metalcore band hailing from Charlotte, NC. Band members include Travis Skywalker (guitar), Dylan Pond (guitar), Dalton Hartgrove (vocals), Jeremy Hambrick (drums) and Colin Shore (bass).


I have been involved with this group of musicians since they were Pre teenagers. They have been playing rehearsing and writing together for a very long time and given their median age , they present has far more mature. Recording their first album just about one year ago they have accomplished more than many artists do in years. Pangea was released as a single off the album of the same name on February 2nd, the full release on June 2nd. They have recorded two professional music videos working with Mungo Creative Group and Empire Reign Management. Their social media followers went from 800 to over 13000 with organic fans comimg from advertising of the songs and videos. They completed their first national tour in October of 2018. They have prepared their plan, executing their delivery of their music and live show in a way that is both professional and entertaining. Their music has been highly played on spotify, YouTube and other listening platforms.