Music Everywhere CLT is a nonprofit civic and economic development initiative to enhance Charlotte's music scene and industry so that it becomes a force for tourism, a means of building community, a differentiating talent attractor, a significant source of new jobs and a cultural asset of which all of Charlotte is proud.

Our Opus (Purpose)
With the power to break boundaries and connect cultures, music is a vehicle for, and an expression of, the creation of a unified community. A flourishing music ecosystem fuels job creation, economic growth, tourism development and strengthens a city's brand.

Our Call (Mission)
Music Everywhere is the backbeat to a thriving music scene in Charlotte. We support and protect the live music community and the brilliant minds behind it, encourage the business of music, and share the stories of Queen City sounds locally and internationally to make Charlotte synonymous with music.

Our Canon (History)
From the groundbreaking gospel of the United House of Prayer to the jazz roots of rap, from Bill Monroe's bluegrass to the rollicking rhythms of The Avett Brothers, Charlotte's history is a hotbed of music innovation. Music Everywhere will preserve Charlotte's music legacy while protecting its history in the making.

Our Chorus (Vision)
We will redefine the rhythm of Charlotte with Music Everywhere.

How Did This Start?
This started years and years ago when Bill Monroe made his first records here, when James Brown recorded "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" here, when R.E.M. made "Murmur" here. It's continued as an abundance of local talent has filled local stages, toured nationally and recorded their own great stuff. It's been fostered by venues like Evening Muse and Petra's and Snug Harbor and dozens of others. And it took a hit when we lost the Double Door and Tremont and Chop Shop.

And that's when we started to organize.

In late 2017, Charlotte Center City Partners began convening a variety of folks from the Charlotte music scene-artists, venue owners, festival organizers, bookers and others-to discuss the strengths and opportunities in the Charlotte music scene and business. Those meetings continued, and they got bigger.

What's Happened So Far?
Online resource launched!
Early on, one issue rose to the top-the need for a comprehensive resource for live music in Charlotte. The budding coalition, and everyone we talked to, believed it was too difficult to find out about all the great music events in Charlotte. So, with support from Charlotte Center City Partners and Avid Xchange, this site was launched. It is nonprofit and Charlotte-focused. It's a calendar and a directory of artists and venues. In the future, it will host research and other items of interest to the music community. You can submit shows, artists and venues to be listed.

Charlotte music ecosystem study completed!
Another topic of conversation covered how to ensure that this effort is sustainable. The coalition decided to lead with research. With the support of Charlotte Center City Partners, the firm Sound Music Cities was hired to thoroughly research the scene. Sound Music Cities partners Don Pitts and Peter Schwarz interviewed more than 70 Charlotte music people and ran an extensive online survey.

Charlotte Music Ecosystem Study and Action Plan released!
You can find it here.

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