The Chairmen of the Board

With one of Soul Music's all-time great group names, the Chairmen of the Board has pleased music lovers for over 30 years. Formed in Detroit , the Chairmen were one of the first acts signed by songwriting legends Holland/Dozier/Holland for their Invictus label following H/D/H's messy divorce from Motown. The group came out of the box strong in 1970 with the wonderful "Give Me Just A Little More Time," a classic early 70's radio smash highlighted by lead singer General Johnson's emotive, plaintive vocals. "Give Me" was the foundation of the group's excellent debut album, which also featured the infectious "(You've Got Me) Dangling on a String,".




BRAVE Entertainment began with two gifted ladies; Raven Stevens and Britney Hughes. Being heavily involved in the music scene, in the Charlotte area as singers and background vocalist, for over 20 years, Raven and Britney created the company to capitalize on their experience as musicians. BRAVE Entertainment began with hosting a live music event, bringing together a culmination of gifted artists and musicians, giving them the ideal platform to express their artistic and creative abilities.

Brave Entertainment's purpose is to provide, promote and carry out every entity that falls under the umbrella of music, fine arts and entertainment. To include but are not limited to Songwriting, event hosting, entertainment outsourcing, live performances and live/studio background vocals. It was through this union of Brave Entertainment that ""Brave the Artist"" was formed.

Coining the phrase ""I Am Brave"", Brave is a force to be reckoned with. Booking shows and releasing their own music, they've become artist within their own right. The name Brave to them is not just merely a word but a lifestyle. Being Brave to these ladies is simply an act and attitude of freedom; Doing what they love in the presence of fear

The Shana Blake Band

The Shana Blake Band is an innovative new take on the old soul cover band. The ensemble hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and features singer/songwriter Shana Blake, veteran guitarist Keith Shamel , bassist Dave Eatman and drummer/percussionist Scott Newell. The expressive vocals and rich textures of the instrumentation fuse coherently to create a sound that's as smooth as honey, with a hint of R&B, funk, reggae, southern rock, gospel, country, jazz and the blues.

The Relics Band

The Relics Band

R&B, Soul

The Relics have been performing for over 20 years. Each band member has a very unique and diverse background, which gives them the ability to perform top 40, rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, modern standards, and ethnic music. The Relics are truly a band that can play for any occasion. Each Relics band member also contributes vocally in order to deliver the unique five part harmony on many songs and set the Relics apart from other local groups. Another unique feature of the Relics is their ability to alter their instrumentation and lineup by having either two guitarists or by switching to two keyboardists, depending on the style of song and arrangement. This not only gives the Relics the flexibility to perform a wider variety of music than many bands, but also enables them to create a much richer sound by using strings and horns, utilizing synthesizer technologies giving them a sound that rivals larger eight or ten piece bands. This is just one of the many factors that help make the Relics one of the most popular bands in the Chicago land area. Relics shows are not just about music, they are about the total experience, and the Relics never fail to deliver.

The Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guard

Gospel/ R&B/Funk

A community of artists seasoned in the Gospel, R&B and Funk scenes across the country, led by the inspiring and dynamic vocal stylings of Blanche J-this is The Queen's Guard. Playing together for years in various contexts, the members formally branded themselves as The Queen's Guard in early 2016, debuting to a deafening, sold out audience at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC. While members of the community have worked with and been featured alongside influential artists such as George Clinton, Anthony Hamilton, Roy Ayers, Kirk Franklin and Chantae Cann, the musical rhapsody of their debut propelled them to emerge beyond the local music scene; welcome to the Queen's court, we hope you enjoy yourselves.

Blanche J

Blanche J

Gospel/ R&B/Classical/ Soul

"Born to a family of vocalists and musicians In Wildwood, FL, Blanche J had very little choice for a hobby. At an early age she learned to play several brass instruments, but it was her big voice that most impressed those that came in contact with her. Blanche started to sing with her family choir at the tender age of 3, and as she got older, she was thrust to the forefront as a lead singer of the family choir, as well as her church choir.

This trend continued as Blanche J went on to Florida A&M University as a member of the Concert Choir, and later the Gospel Choir. She was also frequently seen leading Praise and Worship at several churches in and around Tallahassee, FL. Shortly after graduating, Blanche relocated to Charlotte, NC, where she set out to learn the music scene in her new home. Here she met and formed a bond with local jazz artist, Paul Whitley. Paul saw something familiar in Blanche J that led him to take her under his wing and push her to share her voice with the world in the form of ""real music"". Along her journey to create a name for herself, Blanche J has had the honor and privilege of singing alongside or accompanying such great names as Kim Burrell, Kelly Price, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Blanche McAllister-Dykes.

Blanche J's background in soul, R&B, gospel and classical music shines through in everything she sings. She manages to take the most essential aspects of each genre of music and blends it every so masterfully, making it artistically pleasing to the ear. Blanche J is currently working on her newest album which will be produced by the mastermind, Micki Miller. Blanche J provides private vocal lessons in person and via Skype. She is also the lead singer of Charlotte, NC band, The Queen's Guard."

Anthony Hamilton

"Before Anthony Hamilton laid down the gospel as an R&B singer, the Charlotte, North Carolina native found his calling as a member of the church choir. "It's like that feeling you get hearing somebody else lead that made me start to really pay attention to music, not just sonically but what it did to people," says Hamilton, who began singing at six or seven years old. An introvert raised with his brother and sister by a single mother (his father left when he was nine years old), Hamilton found comfort in a foam-covered speaker while dreaming of stardom. "I was a child who had a very wide imagination and I would become the song. I used to listen to "Ben" by Michael Jackson a lot and I would dream like one day I'm gonna become a famous singer. I said that over and over again for years and I always believed it."

Over two decades worth of label changes later (past deals included Uptown, MCA, Atlantic Records, Soulife Records, Andre Harrell's Harrell Entertainment and Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings), Hamilton has found his happy place on RCA Records. Following up 2011's Grammy-nominated effort Back To Love and his 2014 Christmas offering Home For The Holidays, the R&B cantor maintains his Southern sensibility and poignant songwriting on his fifth studio effort What I'm Feelin.' Its lead single "Amen" -- a melodic love note produced by Salaam Remi and James Poyser, praises a special lady's efforts. "'Amen' is just celebrating the beauty that a woman makes you feel, not just physical attributes, but the fact that she works, she goes to church, prays for you, cooks, cleans, just all those things that a woman brings to the table," Hamilton explains.

Hamilton is known for flipping heartbreak into a blessing as heard on his biggest ballad "Charlene." After a significant relationship had ended, he left his one-bedroom brownstone apartment in Harlem on 146th Street and Convent Avenue and took the train to 33rd Street to meet with producer Batson at a Manhattan recording studio. "My record deal [at the time], I was pretty much trying to get off. I remember I didn't have a lot of money. At that time, I was heartbroken," he reflects. "I just poured my heart out and ["Charlene"] was one of the songs that came out of it." He notes that his soulful formula stays consistent with What I'm Feelin', even on a personal level. "I'm fully capable of taking from a broken place and truly turning it into something amazing," says Hamilton confidently. "I'm truly capable of loving in spite of my situation. I think I still have a fear of letting go to a degree and I think there's preparations I need to do to get there. I'm not done yet."

Hamilton's decorated catalog includes his 2003 debut, Comin' From Where I'm From (which carried the hit title track), 2005's Ain't Nobody Worryin' among other efforts. He has earned several Grammy nominations, like "Po' Folks," the 2002 Nappy Roots collaboration that earned a nod for best rap/sung collaboration, and won his first trophy in 2009 for best traditional R&B vocal performance for his duet with Al Green on "You've Got The Love I Need." He has also lent his vocals to a variety of talent includingNas, Rick Ross, Carlos Santana, Jill Scott, Tupac, and Al Green to name a few. His first album in over five years, What I'm Feelin', will be released via RCA Records on March 25th."

Gregory Cox

Gregory Cox is a Twenty Four Year old creative based out of Charlotte, NC. Greg grew up in Wilson, NC with a musical family,. He has Toured as a Keyboardist since the age of 18. He's also appeared on MTV's hit show "P Diddy's" Making His Band as a keyboardist. Greg released his first full EP "The Last Start" in 2012. . He's released a new Single "Just In Case" on Itunes in 2014

Curt Keys

"Curtis Hayes, who is best known as Curt Keyz began his musical journey at the age of three years old. It is in his home church in the small town of Great Falls, South Carolina that he started playing the drums. Receiving inspiration from his Uncle and his Quartet Group, Curt Keyz decided to journey beyond the beat and to seep into the heart of music, in which he first discovered the piano at age sixteen. After arriving at Winthrop University, Curt Keyz began to perfect the clarity of his music; since his inception, he has released three singles in 2017 and 2018, and a Christmas CD an EP in 2015 and his debut album "Love or The Lack Thereof" which went #68 on Amazon Music charts and has been streamed 14k times between Apple Music and Spotify.

Aside from the music, it is more about the experience for him; thus, he often attributes his greatest inspiration to life itself. According to Curt Keyz, what makes life worth living is the idea that each day, we spend and gain something; thus, his role as an artist is to extract the story that lies in between to create an authentic experience."